KHK Safety


While using khk scaffold products, strictly follow the khk's instruction for erection the scaffold.

Please remember, khk never recommend to work on scaffold outside during stormy weather.

Khk sales team proud to offer khk scaffolding compliance training course. This course is designed to assist the participant in reaching the terminal objective of obtaining a through knowledge of the proper erection and dismantling procedures for khk scaffold. The purpose of this course is to provide users with the regulations, safety guidelines and procedures needed to recognize ad eliminate hazards in the field.

Prior to delivery of scaffold from khk sales yard or from khk rental yard, khk quality control team are checking visibly worned, missing welding, cracked, rusted, improper finish coat and any damaged part of scaffold stock in 100% to ensure

quality and safety.

Khk rental division used to tagged in ail damaged scaffold as OUT OF SERVICE to avoid mix with good stock


  • To provide safe environment in workplace to all our employees.
  • To provide safe scaffolding products to our all customers.
  • To empowering and motivating everyone working in khk to achieve the highest level of safety performance


  • khk review in-house safety procedure in every three months.

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