Wall Formwork

KHK is strongly committed to manufacturing highest quality products

The general purpose wall support combining high performance with simple, rapid assembly, great versatility and major cost advantages. The Steel wall form work provides maximum benefits when used with heavy duty ties and steel walings. The highlights of our wall formwork system is as follows

Strong movements of Resistance 25.5 KNM.

The right length for the job. (Four metric sizes catering for all common formwork heights. Tall forms with fewer ties. ( End to end joining of soldier with the joint plate reduces ties to the minimum) Economic use of wailings (Timber or steel wailings can be used at optimum spacing. There are no pre-set fixing positions)

Specially designed for used with KG Aluminium Beams (Most advance formwork system but with big savings in Ties) Crane Handling (Complete forms can be handled by crane and lifted clear without dismantling tiles) Precise leveling and plumbing (Integral Jacks bring the form level and to plumb without welding or packing ) Safe access (Access brackets and Handdail Post provides safe working platform, whatever the hight). Flexible tie spacing (Ties can be position at any height so that efficient position can be used.

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