K-Lock Scaffolding

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The principle feature of KHK K-Lock is the unique method of connecting ledgers and transoms to the standards in one single action without the use of nuts, bolts or wedges.

The locking devices, is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to the standard at pre-located intervals, and a sliding upper cup. The forged blade ends of ledgers and transoms are located in the lower cup, the upper cup is moved down to secure the component in place and tightened by a hammer blow to give a positive and rigid connection.

It is the revolutionary node point locking principle which makes KHK K-Lock faster to erect than any other pocket system scaffold.

There is not much time wasted in lining up pockets on standards as it does not have pockets at different levels. There is no loose parts and no delays trying to fit damaged wedges.

Both vertical and horizontal members are manufactured from 48.3mm overall diameter x 3.2mm thick tubes

KHK K-Lock products is usually primed and painted for maintenance free use. However the product could be galvanized, powder coated or electroplated based on our customers needs

KHK - K Lock conforms to BS1139 Part 5, HD1000, OSHA and Australian New Zealand Standards

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