Stainless Steel - Bright Bars

KHK is strongly committed to manufacturing highest quality products

As part of our continued efforts to diversify and expand our product portfolio, we, in 2001 , commenced production of Stainless Steel Bright Bars. Equipped with the latest Combined Drawing technology from Shumag – Germany and Danieli – Italy, our ISO 9001 – 2001 accredited Stainless Steel plant guarantees to deliver superior product features.

These include, superior Ra / rms values, closer length and diameter tolerances, tighter out – of – roundness and straightness tolerances , etc. all of which are controlled in narrow bands within the prescribed ASTM , BS , DIN Standards.

We have worked closely with our raw material suppliers in fine tuning individual product chemistry’s to satisfy respective customer needs and end – users particularly those of the precision machined part manufacturers throughout the world.

Quality Certification:

Our Bars meet complete North American Specifications. Materials can be supplied in conformation to the respective ASTM , BS , Werkstoff , DIN , or equivalent international standards. Any special certification requirements can be studied and met.


304 , 304/304L , 304L , 303 , 303S , 316 , 316/316L , 316L , 409 , 410 , 416 , 420 , 430F … etc. Please inquire for any grades not shown above.


Ajman benefits from an efficient road network and four major international ports with world – class facilities and quick and hassle free processing. All these add up to providing an exceptional infrastructure for getting our products to all parts of the world on time , every time.

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