Aluminium Scaffolding

KHK is strongly committed to manufacturing highest quality products

Aluminium scaffolding offer major advances and complete adaptability, high strength-to-weight ratio, all at cost effective prices. Unlike wood, which is very inconsistent in quality and strength, the strong Aluminium element produces unequaled superior results.

Assembly is quick and easy. Usually all accessory items such as Walkway Brackets, Lifting Brackets, Tie Plates, etc. are positioned and attached in minutes. Further maintenance on Aluminium Scaffolding is minimal With the increasing demand in Aluminium scaffolding, the company has set up an Aluminium Scaffolding fabrication shop which is equipped with MIG & TIG welding machines and other specialized Fabricating Equipments to carry out manufacturing of Aluminium scaffolding.

All our welders are qualified and are certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping). Currently we are only manufacturing Aluminium scaffolding based on the customer's drawings and design

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