K-Stage Scaffolding

KHK is strongly committed to manufacturing highest quality products

KHK K-Stage is a versatile scaffold system which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building and construction industries, shipbuilding, offshore construction and industrial maintenance.

K-Stage provides major savings in erection and dismantling times thus minimizing on-site costs. When not in use, its modular construction ensures minimal space requirements for storage.

KHK K-Stage is a modular system scaffold with wedge fixing for all access scaffold requirements. The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast means of erecting access scaffolding without loose parts. Rigid four ways fixing giving a positive location without movement. Spigot and wedge fixed on the standard to give guaranteed vertical alignment.

KHK K-Stage products is usually primed and painted for maintenance free use. However the product could be galvanized, powder coated or electroplated based on our customers needs

KHK K-Stage conforms to BS1139 Part 5, HD1000, OSHA and Australian New Zealand Standards

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